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1 feet Deep Dripper Manufacturers in Coimbatore

1 feet Deep Dripper Manufacturers in Coimbatore



1 Feet deep drip tree watering Pipe is proficient and simple to utilize, these watering stakes promote strong root by conveying water and manures straight forwardly to tree roots. Water streams openly through the openings of the underground stake while an inward channel blocks soil and garbage from entering the Pipe. Water isn't lost to dissipation or run-off, and the deep saturation permits you to water for more limited periods. At the point when tree compost is put in the shaft of the Pipe, water goes through the granules and conveys supplements directly to the tree roots. What's more, the stakes additionally circulate air through the encompassing soil with oxygen. Designed for use with a nursery hose, flood water system, or related to your programmed landscape drip system, the strong Pipes can be set Directly in the opening during planting or driven into the ground around a current tree.Sri Lakshmi Industry Feed Pipe is a premium quality product. All Feed Pipe are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field. Sri Lakshmi Industry are widely acknowledged in the market for their high quality.

Available Sizes : 1Feet , 1.5Feet, 2Feet

Available Colors : Green, Blue, Yellow


Height - 1 feet, Width - 1.5 inches, Weight - 100 gm

Deep Drip Irrigation can be used in these following trees:

1. Coconut tree

2. Mango trees

3. Sapota trees

4. Orange trees

5. Amla trees

6. Papaya trees

7. Arecanut tree


  • Deep drip tree watering stake
  • For shrubs, flower pots, and small trees
  • Conveys water and compost directly to tree roots
  • Circulates air through the encompassing soil
  • It introduces and feeds diverse life in the soil, including bacteria, insects and worms, all supporting plant growth


  1. Water and fertilize your trees at the roots, Aerates the soil
  2. Well designed for Integrated Agriculture Development.
  3. Fertilize in the root zone. Bio fertilizers efficiency increased due to root rhizosphere exposure.
  4. Larger and increased deep root volume than other forms of irrigation
  5. Develops plant resilience to survive after watering is terminated Bio balance of soil water and air is maintained.
  6. Technology casy to adapt and can be integrated with drip Irrigation,
  7. Stress management is adapted naturally
  8. Use with a hose or automatic drip system.
  9. Helps prevent hill erosion and wasteful run-off .
  10. Both Commercial & Residential applications Durable and removable.
  11. Can be used for any Horticulture, Sugarcane & Vegetables to get healthy growth.
  12. Promotes deep and healthy root growth
  13. UV Protected and engineered for strength